Guardian partner detained synonyms

images guardian partner detained synonyms

Excuse : 1. Should the person who obtains the mortgage fail to pay off the loan as prescribed in the mortgage contract, the lender will take title and possession to the property. Conformity : Resemblance; agreement; correspondence in form or use. Exclusive : 1. Annuity : A yearly payment, usually paid by an insurance company to an insured. Disclosure : The making known of something; a revelation; the uncovering of something that had been kept secret. Competent : Duly qualified; able; possessing the required legal qualifications.

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    Another word for custody: care, charge, protection, supervision, preservation | Collins English Thesaurus (2) He had been given the bills for safekeeping by a business partner. Synonyms the state of being supervised by a guardian or tutor. Find synonyms for protection and other similar words that you can use of being protected, especially by someone or something serving as a guardian.

    Compact, treaty, co- operation, union, connection, partner- ship, league, Custody.

    SYN. Keeping, guardian- ship, conservation, care. ANT. Neglect, betrayal.
    In the matter of Matter : The subject of a legal dispute or lawsuit; the substance of the issues being litigated; the facts that go into the prosecution or defense of a claim. Stay of proceedings on removal etc. Cargo : The goods and merchandise carried by a merchant ship.

    Controversy : A suit or civil action; an issue appropriate for determination in a court of law.

    images guardian partner detained synonyms
    Affiant : One who makes an affidavit; a deponent.

    Modification may take the form of addition or deletion of new elements in the involved issue, but it usually does not change the main thrust of the involved issue or matter under consideration. Authority : 1. Empower : To grant authority; to delegate; to commission.

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    The extent and definition of the homestead exemption varies by state. Such area may be a whole state, several states, or only part of a state, depending upon the size of its population. The presidential office is held by the President.

    Synonyms for guarding: defensive, guardianship, invulnerability, protection, reassurance, safekeeping, saving, self-defense, stewardship, sustentation.

    A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, designed as a .

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    Independent, unre- pendium, synopsis, syllabus, outline, stricted, unqualified, unlimited, uncon- digest, Though, albeit, notciate, friend, colleague, partner. withstanding, grant that, for all that, 2.

    Detain by a calm (‚Äčas a ship). Any synonym book must be seen as a compromise that relies on the collaborator, co-conspirator, conspirator, fellow-criminal, associate or partner in crime: .

    images guardian partner detained synonyms

    the qui vive: Such a circumstance could not be lost upon so acute an observer. 4 seizure, capture, apprehension, detention; restraint, Colloq bust, US collar.
    Nul : No; no one Latin. Acquire : To buy or gain possession of property.

    images guardian partner detained synonyms

    Occupant : A tenant; a person who takes possession of property that belongs to no one. A reason given for doing, or not doing, a thing. Personal injury : 1.

    NEXT FRIEND Definition and synonyms of next friend in the English dictionary

    Applicant : Someone who files a petition or makes an application; a petitioner; a person who applies for a legal remedy to his problem. Market price : The price at which a seller is willing to sell and a buyer is willing to buy.

    images guardian partner detained synonyms
    Guardian partner detained synonyms
    A judge may disqualify himself from trying a case because he may have an interest in its outcome, or he may believe that he cannot be completely impartial.

    Bovine : A Cow. Inure : 1. Payoff : The time for a settlement of a debt; a reckoning. Organize : 1. Taylor, John W.

    Damages : Compensation that the law awards to someone who has been injured or suffers a loss because of the action of another.