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images mr universe love bot serenity

He is only ever referred to as "Wash", the first syllable of his surname. Or if he bothers me. Universe's love-bots name? However, he shaved off his beard for his wife, Bridget, who turns out to be the con woman Saffron. Introduced at the end of the comic book miniseries Serenity: Those Left Behindthe Operative is the principal antagonist of the film Serenityin which he is portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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  • Mr. Universe Serenity David Krumholtz Dystopian

  • Lenore was the robotic wife of Mr.​ When he was murdered by the Operative, she was reprogrammed to deliver a message to Malcolm Reynolds, explaining where the backup broadcast equipment was, thus allowing him to broadcast the data linking the Alliance and Pax to the origin of the.


    Serenity Script at IMSDb.

    Universe was a reclusive techno-geek. He lived (apparently) alone on a moon with his love-bot "wife", Lenore. He had a great affinity for data and was. During a fan-fest interview for the movie "Serenity," she reported beginning acting at the insistence of her mother at an early age.

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    Her first In the sci-fi movie, Serenity inshe played android robot Lenore. In the A Lot Like Love.
    However, he claimed that she'd given him slightly too much, and so cut off Mal's left ear and gives it to her as a 'small refund'. My turn. Mal is getting whooped in a fight with the Operative. Miranda is a deserted planet where Reavers were accidentally created by the Alliance.

    Simon decoded the message and sets out to rescue his sister, despite his parents' insistence that he was simply being paranoid.

    images mr universe love bot serenity
    Mr universe love bot serenity
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    Mal fought in many more battles, but the turning point for him and the Independents came with their physical and emotional defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley on the planet Hera. Universe in Serenity : "You can't stop the signal, Mal. Companions choose their own customers, and to be chosen by one is considered a great honor and status symbol, as those chosen must be both wealthy enough to afford a Companion's often steep price, and desirable enough to attract one.

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    images mr universe love bot serenity

    Serenity Lenore. When Mal confronts him in the Serenity film novelization, Wash's reasoning is "Why would anyone call themselves Hoban?

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    images mr universe love bot serenity

    1 Major characters Introduced in the film Serenity, Lenore is Mr. Universe's LoveBot and wife.

    Mr. Universe Serenity David Krumholtz Dystopian

    As he dies, she is used to record a warning message for Mal. She is portrayed. David Krumholtz as Mr. Universe in Serenity: "You can't stop the signal, Mal.

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    Everything Mr. Universe [via his 'love-bot']: Mal Guy killed me.

    years hence seems fine for 'Lovebot' technology but was more. reaction to Lenore when she played back Mr Universe' recording.
    As a tribute to Wash, his collection of toy dinosaurs remains on the pilot's station of the bridge. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate.

    Universe to provide him with information in the future in return for keeping the truth secret. As a result, Fess is able to stand up to his father when Boss Higgins tries to stop Serenity from leaving Higgins Moon with Jayne Cobb on board at the end of " Jaynestown ". Up to this point, Book had been protecting him, mainly from Jayne.

    images mr universe love bot serenity
    Mr universe love bot serenity
    Fess Higgins is portrayed by Zachary Kranzler.

    Daphne Wallace.

    He is very proud of his achievements and the importance it brought to him. How Much Have You Seen? Nandi gave up her life as a Companion—having concluded that it was too restrictive—to become a brothel madam, overseeing common prostitutes on one of the outer planets.