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images slint related bands to dream

Although I don't love this album as much as others simply because I find the vocals a bit weak in the screaming department and way too much talking instead of some kind of singing, I do recognize this as the landmark historically important album for what it is and I do kinda like the music which is mostly a punkish dissonance with a reggae kind of syncopation for a lot of the more upbeat tracks whilst the slower tracks are pure ambient riffing and atmospheric generators. Then, he nearly killed himsel… read more. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Scrobble from Spotify? TWEEZ is not an album i sought out. These are two themes that seem to underpin the entire album; the whole album has an eerie, dreamlike quality that only unsettles more as the album pushes towards its climax. DO NOT post any tracks by Hall of Fame artists, unless specifically to announce upcoming tour dates, new album releases, or other breaking news related to the band. The iTunes edition of this album has an additional track with a duration of about 15 minutes, but is simply just field recordings taken at the quarry where the picture used for the album cover was taken. The lyrics deal with the thoughts of a man before, during and after a visit to a bar.

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  • SLINT discography and reviews

    Find similar artists to Slint and discover new music. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks, albums, and artists you'll love. Find similar artists to Have a Nice Life and discover new music. Slint is a post-​hardcore band consisting of Brian McMahan (guitar and vocals), David Pajo. Slint Shellac Big Black Unwound The Jesus Lizard June Of 44 Codeine Fugazi Unsane The For Carnation Minor Threat Rodan Polvo Swans Tortoise Don.

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    Featuring shoegazey beats and electronic experimentation, the vocals of Valerie Reyes add to the band's dynamic allure. Want to join?

    Bands like Slint postrock

    Connect to Spotify Dismiss. I probably won't convince too many that this debut album is actually better than "Spiderland" but in my world i find myself really excited to listen to TWEEZ, much preferred to the more influential followup.

    The group took their name from the character Guy Caballero, port… read more.

    images slint related bands to dream
    Slint related bands to dream
    Loading player…. LSD and the Search for God 68, listeners.

    They have been classified as post-hardcorenoise rock and ma… read more.

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    There are even stories that members of the band were institutionalized during the completion of the album. Godspeed You! A new version of Last. Drive Like Jehulisteners.

    June of 44, Rodan, Don Caballero, Shipping News, Codeine. A few of these bands are very similar to Slint because they rose from the Louisville, KY.

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    Featuring Godspeed, Slint, Stars of the Lid, Mogwai, Talk Talk and Bark Psychosis. polarizing bands, fans and critics alike, who saw it as disparaging. Recording' nod at a more restrained, sophisticated band to come.

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    SLINT is a Prog Related / Progressive Rock artist from United States. involved, the amount of restraint and the sacrifice on the band to record the album. Yes.
    While the whole album has been a bit unsettling to this point, "Good Morning" takes this to a new level, with the entire song based around a dissonant chord pattern and climaxing in the most tortured screams on the whole record and, arguably, some of the most unsettling in the history of rock music.

    images slint related bands to dream

    The volume suddenly increases when another louder guitar comes in for a short time, but then it backs off again and more hushed vocalization. It wasn't the greatest song to begin with, but it's still an improvement.

    Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to getting rickrolled Fest. This album is filthy, aggressive and unapologetic. It exists on some strange bandwidth of sonic expression that i have never encountered.

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    images slint related bands to dream
    Swans is a band from New York, United States, active from toreformed inled by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentali… read more.

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    There are times it also reminds me of Jimi Hendrix with riffs and feedback fuzz, there is also a kind of black metal filthiness to the sound and the signals are definitely set to a very mixed grab bag! The result is massively influential and the ultimate soundtrack to desolate countrysides and dying cities, a brilliantly formed and excellently played magnum opus.

    images slint related bands to dream

    They have been classified as post-hardcorenoise rock and ma… read more. All i can recommend is not to write this album off just because of the low rating.